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Security? It’s an Illusion.


For me security is a political or anti-crime word. When foreign politicians visit our city like they did last December, when the OSCE conference took place here, security measures hinder the inhabitants to move freely. It costs vast sums of taxpayers‘ money which could be put to much better use. Why can’t they meet at some unknown very, very secret place instead?

About anti-crime security… I know a few shops where watchmen at the entrance (resp. exit) are supposed to deter robbers. But do they really? They are unarmed after all, because only policemen are allowed to carry arms – which they are normally not allowed to use.

As for personal safety that can’t be guaranteed. Accidents will happen, when you least expect them. Like last night when I sat in the living-room watching a film. It was a scene with two women chatting quietly. Suddenly I heard a very loud man’s voice saying something, but the women didn’t seem to notice him. Then he spoke again. I jumped up and screamed. There was a man with a suitcase on wheels, followed by a woman, in my pitch-dark flat.

„What are you doing here? How did you get in?“ I shouted.

„I want to see my friend“, he replied. „The door wasn’t locked.“

„Why didn’t you ring the bell or knock?“

„I didn’t have to. The door wasn’t locked.“

I managed to get rid of the two, without a word of apology from them. What a nerve! I have no idea why the door didn’t shut properly. It hasn’t happened before.


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