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Hey, big spender…

Part of Norm 2.0’s weekly photo challenge Thursday Doors. Why not join in?

Thank you for stopping by.  Photos: (c) anglogermantranslations. All rights reserved.

BTW: I really appreciate your „likes“ and comments – don’t we all? But I often wonder why there are always so many more readers on this blog than bloggers liking or commenting on it? Are they all blogspot users? I find I’m unable to leave „likes“ on Blogspot.

Hopefully, there’s some money left for the taxman? This is a side door of a former building of the Finanzdeputation (Inland Revenue) in ABC-Straße. Thirteen had better be your lucky number! The little guy on top is supposed to be young Hermes (created by Richard Kuöhl). Did he want to cash in?


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