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Odd Bull for COB

No, it’s not a typo for odd ball, although I hope this odd bull will pass as an odd ball for Cee Neuner’s COB photo challenge.

An odd ball reminds me of how very dumb I thought I was when I first encountered an *odd man* and took it (him) literally. When I was very young I chanced upon a paperback by Hans Jürgen Eysenck in England (possibly a translation, I don’t know if he wrote his works in German or English). The title was something like „Test Your Own IQ“, and I was curious. The result was that I didn’t have an IQ or rather a very low one. I didn’t feel very flattered…

Later, when I had access to a dictionary, I found out what „find the odd man out“ really meant. Actually, I had wondered about the author’s IQ, because he kept asking me for a man who wasn’t there! Not in this test, anyway. How very odd!

Now for this Icelandic odd bull and his hornless harem…


Any idea what the inscription means? Is it taken from a saga or an idiom? The part in the middle means „The man is in the shed.“ What man? Eysenck’s odd man? Could it be that one needs a very high IQ to understand the hidden meaning? If so, I’m out. 😦

Any suggestions welcome. 🙂

Photo: (c) anglogermantranslations. All rights reserved.


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