A Total Surprise…

Part of daily prompt: total

While total usually has a negative ring in my ears (think totalitarian), it also reminds me of a joke of two monks in the Middle Ages conversing in Latin (what else!). They were close friends and often imagined the hereafter, i. e. how wonderful paradise would be. But how could they be sure? At long last they decided to make a pact. Whoever would die first, should appear to the other in a dream and tell him what paradise was really like. Just one of two words would suffice.

taliter        (exactly like that – as we imagined it to be)

aliter          (different)

So when it came to pass that one of the monks passed away (ha! A double-pass 🙂 ), his friend couldn’t wait to dream of him. Sure enough, the deceased appeared to him in his sleep. And never said a word.

The sleeper waited for a long time, but at long last he blurted out,


No response.

The sleeper tried again…


This time the deceased began to open his mouth and formed two words, almost inaudible…





TOTALiter aliter!

Well, what do you think? Is this a story with an open ending or not?

Thank you for visiting! 🙂









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2 Antworten zu “A Total Surprise…

  1. newepicauthor

    I think that the two words should be ‚Total nothingness‘.

    Gefällt mir

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