Colour Your World: Reaching for the Gold

Day 30 Colour Your World: Gold

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When I saw him collecting the mail from the pillar-box, I almost burst into song…

Hey, please wait a minute, Mr Postman!

Of course I didn’t. I only asked him why this particular letter-box in Penzance wasn’t red. „It’s because this is Helen Glover’s hometown. As you know she won a gold medal.“

Did she now? Yes, now I saw it. Watching the Games isn’t one of my pastimes, so I’d never heard the name before.  The plaque read,

Helen Glover – Olympic gold medal winner – London 2012 – women’s pairs

„What a pity it’s not real gold“, I said to the postman.

„In that case we would hardly still see it here“, he quipped.

(Aside: Wo er recht hat, hat er recht!)

I later read that Truro also claims Helen Glover as its famous daughter.

P. S.: Did you notice THE DOCK INN advertises in the same colour, a perfect match for the Royal Mail’s outpost?

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5 Antworten zu “Colour Your World: Reaching for the Gold

  1. Interesting about painting the mailboxes to honour Olympic medalists. It would never have occurred to me that anything was unusual about a gold mailbox.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Have never been to Penzance, but I am sure it must be a lovely place. The furthest Southwest for me was Devon, Torquay.Anyhow I have never seen a gold pillar box,what a lovely idea. The red ones still exist in London of course. That one even looks like a GR pillar box so it must be old.

    Gefällt 1 Person

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