Colour Your World: Apricot – Open Sesame!

apricotDay 26: Colour Your World: Apricot


My headline is somewhat misleading… This is nothing to do with Ali Baba & the Forty Apricots, these apricritters (i. e. apricotish creatures) are puppets taken from Sesamstraße, the German adaptation of Sesame Street. The makers felt German children would appreciate characters reflecting their own reality. Recently the Altonaer Museum in Hamburg celebrated the 40th anniversary of Sesamstraße with an exhibition. Meet Finchen (the snail), Samson (the bear) and Tiffy (not sure what). You couldn’t hit them, could you?

Uiuiuiuiiiiii! (Samson’s favourite utterance.)

Photo: (c) anglogermantranslations. All rights reserved.

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2 Antworten zu “Colour Your World: Apricot – Open Sesame!

  1. Ha ha! 40 years – you are making me feel old

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