Colour Your World: Antique Brass & Thursday Doors

it_raineth_every_dayantique_brass Day 19   Part of Jennifer’s Colour Your World: Antique Brass and part of Thursday Doors hosted by Norm Frampton

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This church in Lübeck, St Marien or St Mary’s, boasts a door with unusual handles. I still haven’t found out why the congregation is required to bring brollies. Any suggestions welcome!
Meanwhile outside the church two devils are waiting for company. The brass devil on the left (I suppose the one on the right has no brass at all) looks so optimistic, because he was talked into helping to build the church. He was told it was meant to be a huge pub, an ideal hunting ground for sinners. Der Teufel hat den Schnaps gemacht/um uns zu verderben!


A heavy brass door with an unusal lock. Is it possible to reach it without a ladder or without stilts? You can rent the rooms behind it for special events.


So much for the secular part of this entry. Most brass doors will be found in churches, and antique and brass go together well and create an elegant patina reflecting today’s hue.
Photos: (c) anglogermantranslations. All rights reserved.

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15 Antworten zu “Colour Your World: Antique Brass & Thursday Doors

  1. It’s a beauty and it must weigh a ton…literally 😉

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  2. They must be the most unusual door handles I’ve seen yet. Does it rain a lot there?

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  3. The height of that lock has me chuckling as does the devil on the left. Too bad the devil on the right wasn’t in a pose similar to the one the left. 🙂 Love the details on the handles in the first shot although I, like you, wonder why they chose what they did.


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  4. Gish, those door handles are so unusual, love the post, and your two devils!!

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  5. the brass doors are works of art!
    and need a ladder or stool for sure!
    very beautiful doors…..and trimmings

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