Colour Your World: Atomic Tangerine

atomic_tangerine_ffa474Day 17: Colour Your World: Atomic Tangerine ffa474

Why this shade isn’t called atomic grapefruit (after the pink pulp, not the peel) escapes me. I could imagine a mushroom cloud in many shades of citrus fruits, ranging from yellow to almost red.

Let’s have a look at my image collection then. I fear I already used all orangey ones by now – so far it’s been quite an orange-parade or orangeade in a manner of speaking.

Ah – I just remembered the lion shaking the tangerine tree at the museum! (I know it’s really an orange-tree, but who cares?)


It wasn’t until I visited the Friesenmuseum at Wyk that I became aware of just another nautical tradition. In the past, proud sea-going vessels were not only adorned with figurheads at the prow. The sterns were also quite something to look at!

I was amazed to read about this giant *chopping board* on the wall and thought what the heck? Then I realised I had only misread Hackbrett for Heckbrett, so it actually meant a carved board fixed to the stern. One lives and learns as far as nautical terms go.

The lion with the cute little boompje was obviously retrieved from a Dutch vessel. The fruits could do with a little touch-up, but I hope you’ll take my word for it that once they must have shone brightly. As for the Crayola colour for today – what was it again? A whiff of orange/tangerine? Sorry, sinaasappel? 🙂 The atomic tangerine hue is reflected on the walls, of course.

Photo: (c) anglogermantranslations. All rights reserved. 



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