Colour Your World – Red Orange

red_orangeDay 4 in Colour Your World – Red Orange

(Wo)Man-made red is heavily competing with the same hue in nature, just compare the above examples with certain cactus, collarette, and dear antler dahlias, e. g. Mars or Doris Day.

collarette dahlia Mars

Collarette Mars



Kaktusdahlie Doris Day

They’re not easily missed, although some insects seem to prefer other shades.

Part of Jennifer’s Colour Your World: Red Orange

Photos: (c) anglogermantranslations. All rights reserved.

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Eingeordnet unter color your world, Hamburg (Germany), photo challenge

3 Antworten zu “Colour Your World – Red Orange

  1. jmacindoe

    Great collection! I really like the shot of the house!

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  2. I like the look of the seats that resemble old-fashioned changing huts

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