Sunday Trees 261 – no partridge …

… in the pear tree.

Where this picture was taken, there are no partridges. At least not to my knowledge. It wouldn’t make so much sense either, as Rebhuhn and Birnbaum don’t alliterate. My true love will have to go on searching.

I’m not too keen on pears anyway, most varieties being too sweet for my taste, but partridges are mythical birds. They also remind me of Puss in Boots. When I was a very little girl going for long walks with my grandfather, we never failed to spot these birds in the fields. And every single time we regretted not having brought some pepper. According to my grandfather it was easy to catch these fairytale birds by just scattering a little pepper on their tails. I believed him, not recognising this as yet another fairytale resp. fairytail. And obviously der gestiefelte Kater had never heard of this simple trick. Come to think of it, pepper might have been far too expensive in the olden days, at least for a cat of slender means.

Needless to say, my grandfather and I always forgot the pepper, and to this day I haven’t the slightest what Perdix perdix tastes like, yet I have the fondest memories of the species.

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In case you wondered what this is all about, it’s part of Becca’s weekly photo challenge Sunday Trees 261.

Moreover, to catch two partridges with just one pinch of pepper, this is also part of „mem“: socsbadge2016-17  Please follow the link for detailed information.

Thank you for visiting. 🙂

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6 Antworten zu “Sunday Trees 261 – no partridge …

  1. I love the story of your grandfather and you.
    I like to make pear butter and use pears in salads when they are available in enough abundance. Thank you for sharing!

    Gefällt mir

  2. Mir scheint die Pfeffer-Fangmethode ähnlich praktisch zu sein wie die Empfehlung, die Größe einer Schar Wildgänse zu ermitteln, indem man die Beine zählt und durch zwei teilt. 😉

    Gefällt mir

  3. I love partridges too
    I used to have a couple of grey partridges visiting my garden on a regular basis but, sadly, I haven’t seen them for months.

    Gefällt 1 Person

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