Photo Challenge: Shine – Schöner Schein

Part of The Daily Post’s photo challenge.

Come rain, come shine… That’s what is to be expected, but what happens when both (seem to) come at the same time? We raise our eyes to the sky, hoping to admire a luminous rainbow. This year, however, didn’t live up to expectations. Rain and sun, followed by a blank blue sky.

To make up for it, we were rewarded with a double rainbow now, which was a first for us!

The photos were shot within minutes. I didn’t change the background colours, I let the sky have its way.🙂

And now for something completely different…

Mond ueber Plymouth


Photos: (c) anglogermantranslations. All rights reserved.

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3 Antworten zu “Photo Challenge: Shine – Schöner Schein

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  2. Can’t beat a double rainbow. And I love the title – the alliteration is soft and staccato at the same time
    Great post

    Gefällt mir

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