Sunday Trees 256 – Herbstbunt

This is my entry for Becca’s photo challenge Sunday Trees. Thank you, Becca Givens.

And thank you all for visiting my blog.

sunday tree 256

Photo: (c) anglogermantranslations. All rights reserved.

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11 Antworten zu “Sunday Trees 256 – Herbstbunt

  1. This is a good series. ☺ How every tree seems to have its own personality!

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  2. I love the layers in your photo, with the vivid splash of color drawing the eye to the last back layer. This is a lovely shot, well-cropped, either in shooting or afterwards. How did you come to be fluent in both German and English?

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    • For the most part I taught myself as a child, because English was not an important subject at a grammar-school for classical languages. However, I was eager to keep up with my friends who attended different schools and started with English as the first foreign language.

      I listened every day to the BFN (aka BFBS – British Forces Broadcasting Service), as part of the Rhine Army was stationed nearby. It was in the British Zone, so I could attend courses of Cambridge University at the British Council, borrowed books from the library there and had many penfriends in anglophone countries who corrected my mistakes. Later I studied English at university (language and literature, starting with Old English, proceeding to Middle English, Early Modern British English and present day British English – American usuage is still a mystery to me).

      I worked in London and Glasgow for a while. So I find Scots easy to understand – well not all of it.

      Why am I fluent in German? (How do you know?)
      Well, growing up in Germany with German parents certainly helped. 🙂

      Nowadays it’s so easy to teach yourself with the Internet. I had to learn it the hard way… 😉 Alors, je ne regrette rien.

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    • But, you have to have the talent, interest and the sticktoitiveness. I am too language-lazy to study. What Spanish I know I learned from tapes listened to while driving and just conversationally. What little German I learned in one semester in college, I have forgotten. I love words, but excel in only one language. I admire multilingual souls such as yourself. And, by the way, I also took all the Middle English and Old English classes available at my University. I knew you were fluent in German, of course, because of your blog and blog name. Were you kidding when you asked how I knew? I think so. I’m being too literal here. But, did you know that literal now means both literal and figurative, due to so many people misusing it over the years? I can’t accept that–something becoming its opposite–although that often works in human development. Thanks for your thorough answer to my nosy question. I can’t help wanting to know answers.

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    • Yes, I was joking. And yes, I know about literal and native speakers of English getting confused over it. Just as with their and there and all that jazz! It’s not so easy these days to excel even in one language, so congrats to you! 🙂 I fear too many people using the Internet rely on spellcheckers – I don’t use them at all, they’re very annoying.

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  3. Pit

    Ich glaube, den Herbst mag ich am liebsten von allen Jahreszeiten: die Temperaturen hier werden wieder ertraeglich, und die Natur faerbt sich so wunderbar bunt.

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  4. Auch wenn ich die dunkle, kalte Jahreszeit lieber schon hinter mit als vor mir hätte, gegen einen schönen Herbst habe ich nichts einzuwenden. Schon die warmem Farben entschädigen mich dafür, das der Sommer wieder gegangen ist .

    Schönes Bild..
    LG Ostseemaus

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