WPC: H2O: My Cup Runneth Over

What a waste really – why can’t regions with too much rain share their liquid wealth with arid zones?

rain barrel - water butt

This is my contribution to this week’s photo challenge H2O.

Photo: (c) anglogermantranslations. All rights reserved.

P. S.: Bist du des Lebens nicht mehr froh, dann stürze dich in Ha-zwei-o! 😉 Apparently flotterblogger was able to see the videos I posted here before – I couldn’t. It must have been the wrong format. I converted it to gif and hope to make it visible for everyone now. Unfortunately gif won’t convey the sound, though. It’s the sound of running water – who’d have thunk that? 😉
regentonne Heureka! WP won’t accept MP4, my original format, but is compatible with MP3. So I converted it and now have a separate soundfile, too. Splash, splash, gloogloogloo…

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10 Antworten zu “WPC: H2O: My Cup Runneth Over

  1. That is some good relaxing sleeping sounds right there.
    People have tried to divert our water from the Great Lakes before. I prefer our water stay in the natural cycle of our basin. That said, the quest for water will soon be divisive on a world scale.

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  3. Cool… wenn ich die Clips laufen lassen, dann fließt das Wasser zur Seite ..auch mal was neues……:-)

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  4. Here in Britain, we find it hard to spread it between seasons!
    Floods in winter and drought in summer!

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