Sunday Trees #239 – Spilling the Beans

Catalpa_Indian_beantreePart of Becca’s photo challenge Sunday Trees #239
I pass this beauty twice a day, walking, cycling, taking a bus. Usually I’m in a hurry and have no time to look around, but this time (not today, obviously) I noticed quite a few green beens lying on the pavement. They must have fallen from someone’s shopping net?

What a shame letting good food go to waste … Looking up I spotted plenty of such „beans“ dangling from a stranger in these lands, an Indian beantree, supposed to grow in North America. One lives and learns. 🙂 A stranger growing in my neighbourhood, although fossils of catalpa were also found in Europe.

Pity though, the tree is just ornamental… I really enjoy runner beans with lots of parsley and a knob of butter.

Photo: (c) anglogermantranslations. All rights reserved.

Thank you for admiring mein Bäumchen (my little tree). 🙂


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