Thursday Doors – Donnerstagstüren

This is my entry for Norm’s photo challenge Thurday Doors. Thank you, Norm. Beautiful doors were always one of my favourite motives. The reason is not hard to guess. 🙂

As a rule beautiful doors adorn beautiful houses, and the above are no exceptions. The first opens to an icecream parlour („La Gondola“) at Nieblum in the Isle of Föhr. They serve excellent Italian style icecream and absolutely delicious homemade Friesentorte („Frisian tart“) there.  Nieblum La Gondola

The second is in a farmhouse, formerly inhabited by a whalecatcher (or so I think). blaue Tür mit Wal

Number 3 is privately owned. I wouldn’t mind being invited there now and then.

schönes weißes Haus

Thank you for stopping by. I’m looking forward to your comments. 🙂

Photos: (c) anglogermantranslations. All rights reserved.


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4 Antworten zu “Thursday Doors – Donnerstagstüren

  1. Love the first door, as well as the thatched roof! Now I’m off to see about the Frisian torte because hubby origins are Frisian (W-Frisian – in the Netherlands):) Have a happy weekend!

    Gefällt mir

  2. They are all beautiful, but the last one is so stunning, I love the contrast with the angles and curves and the stark dark doors against all the white. Great post! 🙂

    Gefällt 1 Person

  3. That second blue one is my favourite – I just love the colour. Thanks for joining us this week 🙂

    Gefällt 1 Person

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